Fashion and Art

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Fashion and Art

Messaggio  huanglihua il Ven Set 17, 2010 8:07 am

Fashion is a surprisingly controversial subject Discount UGG Boots. For some, fashion, Classic Tall Ugg Boots is life, and inspiration is drawn from the creations ofmodern art of haute couture. For generalothers, s'simply acts ofa shallow effort undertaken by those who don 'have nothing to do but think about their hair. The discussion of VOGUE, and fashion in general should be less on theexternal perception of anyone this, but pleased?Does thatITsimply acts of a different Classic Short Ugg Boots. C 'is the world of $ 15,000 dresses and trips to Paris and New York, a world where a pair of heels than 300 million designer is considered a bargain. Although this seems to be more Dego?both in a period ofSuch economic instability, we must look at it as you would any other form ofart. As a popular magazine, as functions VOGUE journalistic and artistic publication, an example of very co?expensive and high voltage industries of both companies and theart. Designer Fashion is a form ofart to wear UGG Outlet. If people are willing to spend millions and millions of dollars on a painting by Jackson Pollock will simply hang on the wall, how is it more ridiculous to spend $ 5,000 on a dress Oscar de la Renta who works as a representation ready-to-wear designers vision?Plut?t to see fashion shows as women skeletal overpriced clothes unwearable, why not see it as a form ofunique art displayed on its own buy ugg shoes, unfolds?ant on canvas?
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