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Top 11 'Idol' Results: Most. Dramatic. Elimination. Episode.

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Top 11 'Idol' Results: Most. Dramatic. Elimination. Episode. Empty Top 11 'Idol' Results: Most. Dramatic. Elimination. Episode.

Messaggio  kun21 Mer Mar 30, 2011 9:34 am

The show began innocently enough, with a celebration ofanniversary of Motown-soundtracked for 63-years-young judge Steven Tyler Christian Louboutin Sandals (who does not look a day fabulous) with a cake the size of the dressing room J. Lo "and a surprise "Happy Birthday "Motown legend Stevie Wonder serenaded. Good times, good times. But I could not quite enjoy the show, because thatdeep in my mind was theRyan Seacrest announces worrisome from the top of thePoster:. Tonight's result may shock you "And with it being theelimination of most episodes of the season, staked - the one that determines where the participants get to go to the Idols Live Tour this summer - which does not sound like cause for celebration at all. Thatis it thata killjoy that is Seacrest.
Then Ryan, evil man thathe is near megave my greatest "Idolfear since that horrible night Adam Lambert was in the last two,Christian Louboutin cusp pumps when he told two of my favorites, Paul McDonald and James Durbin, thatthey don 'were?s not?rs. "But this doeswas, fortunately, just a complex setup for a joke with a fan of wrestling idols James, Hulk Hogan, who 'sis crushed onto the stage to tell the boys?ons thatthey had actually made the top 10. Not cool, Ryan. J 'I took my revenge when Hulk body slammed Ryan in the crowd after that, but I do not think it 'was a sufficient punishment for cruel deception. .
I did not know the cruelty was just beginning .... j 'I started breathing a little better and made disappear?Christian Louboutin sutra pumps be salts once the other favorites of mine - Naima Adedapo, Jacob Lusk - crossed with suspected ringleaders Scotty McCreery, Alain Lauren, and Pia Toscano. And I can not say that II was too die?u see Stefano Langone and Thia Megía in the last three. But then, dear readers, this was the shocker Ryan warned: Haley Reinhart, the girl who had been in the last three of the last two weeks and was widely predicted at this week's castoff, was safe. It doeswas not even in the last three. Taking his place on the last stool?None other than ... CASEY ABRAMS, who actually re?u the least votes this week ..
Yes, Casey.The lovable lug who, untilrecently seemed to like the guy to beat. How did this happen?Christian louboutin laugh pumps What is the problem?Was it the fact thathe sang the first time this week, in the kiss of death instead?Thatit became too angry and angsty and growly, and thus kind of creepy?That producers are not letting her play melodica or standup bass, which would have been better presented his immense talent and unique style of jazz-blues?I do not know. All I know, it 'is theAmerica 'sbecame very, very bad week. . Casey looked crushed, but he put on a brave face for the judges to sing "Save ". His song choice was "I Don 't Need No Doctor?But I 'I needed toa doctor, because I felt that II went to a heart attack ... especially when the judges cut him mid-song. .
I know only a few weeks ago, II wrote a rant about her?one whoseSave all judges is a lame gimmick to create telefilm rained?Christian Louboutin extra pumps Does that help candidates, but I'll make an exception in this case. Casey is exactly the kind of candidate who deserves another chance, because one Idols Live Tour without her?antics?dr would not?on at all. (FYI, it will now be touring with theall 11 candidates, so that we will have to attend to define Haley 's, or use his time on stage as an excuse to hit the lines of beer and merch.) J 'just hope that Casey - andOther favorites - theintensify in the weeks to come, because now that theSave one of the judges is gone, and there is a double elimination next week, it doesThere will be no more second chances. . And my c?heart can not take another night like?a. Parker out ..


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