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The text of the world, chapter 18 ...

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The text of the world, chapter 18 ... Empty The text of the world, chapter 18 ...

Messaggio  yiqianchi Gio Lug 21, 2011 4:57 am

The text of the world, chapter 18
supra shoes Dragon of the flying tigers step! By chance, the party is scattered digestion "nine elixir", the body efficacy of opening stand, such as dragon like tiger, trample on the ground, it is just wander up, all of the "dragon flying tigers learn step". The three foundations of the door from "the pine WanShou crane martial quan" he has learned to, and "FeiLing soft bone body" is a kind of method of the whole body, do "soft without bone", as soft as silk floss.
Buy Michael Jordan Shoes As for the "flying tigers", is a dragon step is a kind of extremely "occult" footwork, mystery is not "seven-star boxing" "seven feet under". Now cold fusion nine opening party of the efficacy of the elixir, two sendoh affiliation foundation, again confirm, combined with kung fu "divine power of the real, and puppet" today, many children when witnesses against the scenes experience. Pot, absolute pot. "Tiger flapping longyou!!!!!"
buy supra shoes A voice cried, he cast out the steps, head appeared in a tsing lung, a whitetiger imagination, swim in the deep left. Slender body, such as the tiger like gas, general circulation, internal organs in, breath played to a real rhythm. Dragon suck! Tiger tun!!!!! Dragon fine!!!!! Tiger fierce!!!!! In between the trance invisible, wander, and enter into the cold party thing I two forget state, internal organs, as the narrowing of the unlimited, out, then narrowed, concise into a group group.
supra shoes Internal and strong as the iron!!!!! Poof!!!!! Suddenly, he rose, and the breath feel a stream of thick phlegm card in the throat, pull the bellows inside like uncomfortable, so a cough, immediately out really took a big thick phlegm with the blood. Out with the blood after thick phlegm, sensation. Party a match for a cold tongue, suddenly, full of oneself, like between mouth have wine, a little bit a general way, and the tongue of the movement between the way the loud splash out loud splash wine, as the wind flow, winding the whole body, general internal and relaxed.
cheap supra shoes The state, prolong life, internal organs not born or impediment. "This is in the state of strong? The book just record, if internal strong, mouth to stop the nectar. Viscera way birth between all the impurities, no! 'to further enhance the step, it seems that I arrived at this place!!!!!!!!!! Its body weight in the seventh strong!" Thin feeling their border, party cold at once knew that, myself again goes a step further.
"The heart, the mouth place medal '9" seems to be opening elixir narrowed the efficacy of many, it seems that melt enough, may be a heavy realm, promotion and efficacy of all onto the form. When the time comes, they're all by uniting themselves." Feel my nine opening, the change of party cold elixir licked his lips. Then, he turned the other one book, the double from jade rules ".
Discount supras "The door only to the weak laws, and disciple, for big useful miss FangQing snow that disciple, have a ghost aims the rules of the law, rules,. Always all is a bound the weak, be the strong trampled. Watch it, see first introduced the world from the door of this book. Speak, party between cold left the door open the laws, and another book the world "the jade.
supra skytop iii The welfare of the hair down monsters, a total of five this jade copies, this is fighting skill, three a door is one and the rules is the world ", the simple three characters, show the vast expanse of boundless. This book, after open, so is the alternation of smooth shadow image, the rows of directory, appeared in party before the cold. "Akira" ten door!!!!! "The magic word pulse!" seven "YaoDao five Pope!" "ZuoDaoBangMen!" "Deep underground!!!!!"
Women supra vaiders "Outside the sky!" "Endless sea!" "In ancient BiWen!" "Rare treasures!!!!!" "All the dynasty!!!!!" "Vanity land!" And so on and so on, for thousands of directory, all the way to stream down, let the party, he 10000 didn't think of too many things to see, the world so wonderful, mind, turn over the set the world from this book. "The world is big, even step into phoenix shakotan coast, also cannot see the one over ten thousand. This honour and remember the book for the world, a door, aware from disciple required heaven and earth, an" worldwide growth
christian louboutin men Party a cold look beginning know is provided, the door severance to write a book, signet, let provided all door into the disciple reading. The book of sendoh, the way, YaoDao affiliation, all kinds of bad character, all sorts of magic weapon, and there are many BangMen scattered the mainland, many dynasty, Marine, desert, underground, and the spirit of the world, and legend in all kinds of vanity, a mysterious space, and heaven world, the more mysterious sky there are all kinds of medicinal herbs, treasure
buy supra shoes Anyway, all-encompassing and omniscient. To really all this book read again, not only three to five years, read not completely. This time the party also know, the "power" prototype's puppet underground, what is. Their original of the feet deep in the earth, and all kinds of the abyss, DeFeng, of which the deep, but growth all kinds of evil, even like people race.
The underground, which is the big DeFeng deep, deep among the population, some time on the ground to touch, looted. Are some of the dynasty less pressing.
supra skytops "I see sendoh ten door??? What???" Party cold have no time to see so many, but direct point opened the door of the ten sendoh, show the directory immediately ten branches name.
"Too a door" "soft edges door" stars "door" "tong the ninja team is sent" "Dan tripod sword is sent" moon and "sword zong" "a yuan sent" "to which" exquisite luckplace "" crystal land". The ten DaXiu fairy affiliation, is one of the ten akira door.
8 party around the world, disciple don't know how many, such as "crystal land", it is completely a separate half vanity. The inside of the severance, crystal son. Is the most mysterious a phoenix shakotan coast ace. For example, "the exquisite luckplace", it is all women, do not collect male ACTS. Party don't too much attention to the other sendoh nine door, his focus, or pay attention to own up to the "soft edges door", after all "soft edges door" is his life place, understand some of these concerns, can be directly about their situation.
nike gladiator sandals Dong, dong dong dong boom, boom At this time, the knock on the door was heard outside.
"Come in." Party cold standing up. Open the gate of the 7, a sword, with the women's pearl 16-year-olds appeared at the door, like a delicate and charming, graceful figure, put on soft edges of the door, more foil a cassock a plain, such as a lotus is spotlessly clean.
It is cold in the assessment of party strong "princess" red satisfying. "Huh? Party cold, you of the powers incredibly diligence?" "Red satisfying princess" keen-eyed, an eye saw party cold happen temperament changes.
adidas water grip "I stay in breath state for a long time, today and puppet, world war I just broke through the bottleneck." Party cold hurriedly way: "rightness, princess where do you live?" "We are all from the outside door disciple, identity, as you call me red after satisfying. I live in female disciple live 'clear fairy court' inside, well, now a night, you don't go to 'and' dinner jade hall? supra footwear These days, each school is likely will be sent down, let's also schematic tasks together?" experience Red satisfying princess hail a sound, seems to be to pull the party go to dinner.


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