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Messaggio  kun21 Dom Nov 13, 2011 11:37 am

Cheap UGG Boots And the border of the king day and "the earth with longevity" emperor of the state, don't know how much difference, each step difficulties, are not ordinary people can think of. At the very least, promotion day king of state minimum standards is must have the cause of "big king day ability, party now can't cold suggestion. "For the primaries, brother, I heard that heaven emperor have a list, called the day waiting list, prince recorded in the above qualifications countless have promotion day king state of ace name, you know not to know this list in what place can watch?" Party cold suddenly asked: "I watch this list, to see some what person in my top, also can make me detailed calculation of the word of the day on the prince who note that place."
"Day waiting list... prince..." Feather huang was silent for a moment, nods, "indeed there are such a list, the truth is that in the hall inside. Is the speculation in, one of the three big against the king of the legacy of truth king huge power, the truth of the king now by a few big host, strength is not under heaven, is in the other end, also rule against the huge palace. Rumours in, that the list is called the earth with ShouBang, uniting all arrived at the earth with the realm of life of emperor, the will automatically appear in the list. The list from high to low, one of the most promising promotion day king of the superior arrangement in front... so and call for day waiting list prince."
Party cold had not thought that, actually in the heaven, and the powers are celestial, called the cult.
UGG Men Boots "Good. Heaven is too big, it is day king will not find out one of the marginal..............." Feather huang way: "the scope of influence of the cult, is very large, from the forehead one hundred thousand of the big states have a very distant distance, even I fly speed, also want to flight for decades, or even the hundreds of years to reach, among which there are countless apart article was itself divide the truth and the king and the creation of the division out the king." Party with the scepter, listen to these, standing quietly in the air, and seems to be in calculating their huge memory in my mind, that HuangFu avenue, you people, disaster huang, Ning huang, born huang these people in memory, all in his mind the emergence of a a, extraction, calculations, the along while, he just long sighed, "heaven there is too much, and it's not the only celestial masters, but so all right..."
"Anyway, we provided the door to strengthen the squad is king." Feather huang way: "now, party cold you back, we provided the door a strong, as long as not day king, but not the shots we, and besides, you still have one day behind chaos support! Now we can hand, the army siege zhongzhou out, cleaning up and then other big states affiliation." "Chaos day king... really chaos? He behind the day king was chaos, king on day support." Many elders then feathered door were all shocked up the emperor, "why did god reading rout huatian jun is legend rod of!" "Is chaos day jun and the treasure world reached an agreement...."
"Take a growing strength is a must, but this time I've had a lot of treasure in heaven, also want to digest, soldiers, emperor... on emperor. You also GuAo for a long time, I start now increases your strength and your ascension to the earth with all 11 of border. The product, cuts it out!"
UGG Foxfur Boots Nether, with party a cold wave, immediately appear a series of powerful Dan gas, fully 12 pieces invincible holy product "show, every pieces are air suspension, claim to be a holy kingdom, blossom a life of the earth with the supreme authority. "Holy product"!" "Incredibly for 12 pieces." "This is the nature of the ancient, WangLu refined out of the great SAN product, cuts the twelve LingBao without the god Dan! Rumours in, swallow, can own after yuan to vanity of refining god on state, for the earth with the life of great help to the state. And, each of these is a Dan medicine, take on a human form, are one honour the earth with longevity Dan medicine ancestor!" And with that, even the feather huang all yelled at it. It is too shocked. 12 pieces "holy product appears at the same time, each one honour and so one honour the earth with the life of the emperor, half step day king level of supreme exist. In addition to outside heaven, I'm afraid even have some day the supreme ruler patrolling the big teach, do not have the strength, the 12 pieces out the product to cures.
These holy product, cuts which no horse medicine violent spirit inside the pentium, from bondage to fly out.
UGG Adirondack Boot II Feather huang feel are not crackdown, but party cold but easily suppressed, mention lightly, so the direct to suppress and big teach of twelve supreme leader. A boiling, all provided the expert door boiling over. To the disciple, down to the elders, and all the blood boiling, this is fortuitous, big adventure, one-time than the 12 pieces holy product father, this is invincible treasure. The 12 pieces of Dan medicine cures holy product the gas of the elegant out, many disciple smell the breath, the whole body is relaxed up, there are some who has the elders of AnShang disciple, smell the breath immediately spit out a passive congestion of wow, the condition of full recovery, to fix for the diligence. Uniting that reached the "half the state of mind of dust, suddenly fly up and head appeared day robbery, incredibly directly to the promotion of the saints realm.
Want to know, the product of "Dan gas is very important, that year the nangongshan family sent a gourd Dan gas over can all help party cold enhance life. "Soldiers huang!" Party cold shout at top of voice, a finger play, a gold holy product "fly out directly, and scored provided the emperor in the body with the door, and immediately the man with emperor volley flew up and a involuntarily roar loud, qi depending on all! "A gold holy product, cuts into your body, make up your avenue, I will help you to defect to the earth with the ascension of realm, for my door, well-known made all things they suppress ten thousand party!"
Party a catch cold air, fate river flowed, directly into the soldiers huang body, soldiers on the emperor's law began to appear, a very bulky, the strength of the whole person by leaps and bounds, is almost up several times! A series of rules are on a start and heaven and earth and communication, overhead incredibly appeared day day! This is "the earth with longevity" big day! "Doctrine has passed on, thoughts, martial way, the law of the essence of!" Suddenly, the emperor on the plume out a statue wings sword, it is the swords of the holy see, see the party cold incredibly direct help soldiers huang rushed off, this sword is so shocked by sluggish live. Want to know, even the emperor who take the holy father product, would not be rushed off, at least want to raise Dan wen medicine, regulate state, because the perception of the state is the need of the hour.
But now, that the state party cold directly into the imperial army body, forced to help he dashed off, this kind of means, the only day king can do, or is the speculation in the dharmadhatu top secret, the method of the law.
Now the strength of the cold side, although and real day king than up, are very different, but after washing the blood of yellow of xuan, the day the prince breath, and he swallowed up the whole jun, obtain supreme memory, the 33 days his treasure together to be WangPinXian device, the power of the calculated to enhance the don't know how many times, violent between calculation, have the dharmadhatu supreme calculate method to the complete it. And here's the has got three thousand avenue of the two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine! Originally, the people don't learn to big king because causal technique, the big desire technique, the big operation cycle, so the dharmadhatu supreme law is still not completely, that "the practice" condensed out is not perfect, but party cold but have learned all the doctrine. Big desire was actually would have got the exquisite fairy and formula, is never practice just, now to fix for this state arrived, a slight movement, between the heaven and earth may force pouring infinite, and immediately you condensed the door was a road.


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