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supra vaider low tuf 2015 to deploy

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supra vaider low tuf 2015 to deploy Empty supra vaider low tuf 2015 to deploy

Messaggio  yiqianchi Dom Nov 13, 2011 4:12 pm

Wholesale Supra Footwear.Ask former li, now online technology. Here!! Previous ShenXianWan agents in military training, the soldiers from a trip to need at least six days,supra vaider charcoal grey now at an open video classes; Previous concentration training up to each military training 150 people, now every company is the classroom, officers want to learn came and footfall. According to understand the remote training talents, equipment network operation in the last three years, it has cultivated more than 2,000 name technical backbone, at present BianFangLian have military nanjiang every one to two maintenance backbone, weapons and equipment fault restoration rate reached 98%, basically achieved common equipment repair out BianFangLian fault.supra shoes

Beijing, March 24, according to “cna” reports, the U.S. air force plans 24, the tests of an experimental yto “extremely” (hypersonic, also called a super-high yto “X – 51) aircraft Wave Rider” and alleged that the aircraft flight over the Pacific Ocean could reach 4,000 miles per hour, the United States defense department may therefore be future within minutes of the world, nearly any site launched a military attack.

According to reports, the aircraft in southern California, research aim is to be built in a very high-speed flight process,supra shoes free shipping to global almost any place a launch powerful warheads for high precision attacks purpose.

Military officials say the necessity of this technology, research and preliminary highlight in 1998. At that time, American troops trying to hunt terrorist organization summit bin laden, but without success. The United States is located in the Arabian sea warship was the militants toward Afghanistan training camp firing cruise missiles, although hit the target, but bin laden had fled.

The U.S. air force former adviser harry grace in Hallion) last year (Richard traversed the technology about extremely said in a report, if can equipped with similar to the “X ─ 51 vehicles traversed the missile tests by the extremely,” this attack action must only be 12 minutes more can be done “.

General “supersonic” (the speed of supersonic) aircraft in 1 Mach above, and traversed the “extremely” (hypersonic) is defined as 5 Mach (including) above. But to achieve and maintain develop extremely yto engine, is not easy, for decades has deteriorated. California Boeing Phantom Works) studio (the illusion DaYin ─ Locke and Pratt &whitney Whitney (Pratt & Rocketdyne) engineer has proof, they may last year Edwards Air Force Base in Edwards Air Force Base) (the first flight X ─ 51 experiment a success.

The 14 feet long aircraft was hanging in one frame B ─ 52 bombers under the wing, in California for ancient Angle (Mugu) off the coast of midair were launched. Germany’s largest airport on March 2, Frankfurt airport, serious shooting a man to a busloads American soldiers, killing U.S. troops shot the bus in two deaths, two seriously injured,supra snake teal vaider the suspect has been arrested. “Mirror” weekly report said, were arrested suspects in social networking sites often posted on facebook “” religious extremist remarks. A German investigators had earlier said the suspect “probably came from an organisation”.supra shoes

Wholesale Supra Shoes.Widely nets Beijing, March 24, according to the China news sound of the news report, and increasing Numbers of western nations launch for “Odyssey dawn” military action has lasted five days, French Britain local time, the United States and other western countries for the Libyan capital of tripoli last night air strikes just past the implementation.

Mr Qaddafi troops and opposition forces were between now continues in Libya, the third largest city in the capital tripoli Ursula 200 kilometres east of rice,supra trainers uk Mr Qaddafi troops used the tower of the city of shelling tanks. Libya situation the latest developments in Libya attachment global times reporter QiuYongZheng interview.

Host: now Libya’s latest war?

Reporter: now the situation is such, air strikes is the focus of the class add about 160 kilometers west of the west YiJi reach gibeah. Yesterday (23) air raid destroyed YiJi Ethiopian forces of east Libya some heavy tanks, armored vehicles, rocket troops attacked early this morning YiJi reach gibeah focuses on the periphery of the west the second brigade. Even so, against armed YiJi still no strength can win of the strategic border, so abiathar local ankylose the state still will last 24 hours or 48 hours.

Host: the next step in the airstrike if the ground war break out?

Reporter: so far, western forces rely on air strikes on Libya to words, the influence of the whole political afraid or limited. Now include the western policymakers think if never sent into the ground forces of words, the rebels still have no ability to oppose the army with Libya. Many policymakers think it necessary to send ground troops. One British act is positive, military attacks began the day after that as long as the authorized by the UN,official supra shoes can with the name of coalition forces in Libya. The United States has been is more negative attitude, this is because of the U.S. political needs, because Obama actually passed without permission of the United States congress immediately launched a war, which for a general election immediately to the Obama himself is very adverse for sure.supra shoesX ─ ─ 51 before B, and 52 separate sinking 4 seconds,supra cruizer purple and then the rockets type engine ignition, promote success ─ 51 climb to X 7 million feet into the sky.

Supra TK Society Shoes.Then, the rockets type engine and X X ─ ─ 51 from 51, by aspirated internal-combustion pushing the 2 minutes above, arrive about 3,500 miles per hour.

The report pointed out that when flight test can be regarded as success, because before this, extremely traversed the aircraft flying time is about longest only 10 seconds. However, this has not yet reached us air targets. The military had hoped that X ─ reaching 4,000 miles per hour can 51, time to 5 minutes. However, due to design faults, had to end the experiment in advance.supra shoes

According to the national defense science and technology information network, NTI website 2011 March 2 days of reports, the Associated Press reported last year, the United States has deployed ships in the Mediterranean with advanced ballistic missile tracking radar. The deployment is the U.S. plan to build the missile defense system in Europe is the first step.

U.S. defense nuclear and missile defense policy principles of Monterey Plumb has said, director of missile cruiser,supra skytop 2 shoes from Virginia, set out to the Mediterranean for a half-year patrols. The deployment of Monterey, with President Obama about European missile defense “phases adaptive method”.

Supra Skytop Shoes.Until 2011, the United States still not in southern Europe established radar base. Plumb says Obama government will continue to meet the needs of future host country, although the final installation site still to be determined. According to the Obama plan late stage in 2018,supra vaider low tuf 2015 to deploy in Europe increasingly sophisticated standard 3 type interceptor missiles. Expected in 2015 Romania will install the missile defense system by 2018, Poland to install. The missile defense will initial years from targeting ballistic missile from the Middle East, expanded to deal with the threat of ballistic and intercontinental missiles.supra shoes


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