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Messaggio  kun21 Lun Nov 14, 2011 4:33 pm

Party shivers force began to world and the body of the WangPinXian became completely condensed thirty-three days began his treasure rested, ZhouTianYi calculation capacity than in the past are more than ten thousand times. ZhouTianYi, optimus prime, town day ring, seal lock day... . And baby all Cheap UGG Boots functioning, crazy absorbing the day pulse power, that the plague of cut kill huang, Ning huang, give birth to the emperor, you people have many days pulse power, stored in the body of the party, but such a running thirty-three days god creation of boxing, the original is simply had been erased. Thanks HuangFu avenue is the day of pulse power enough, or not enough to draw.
Now all the day in the party pulse vigor, is enough to cast three times fist 33 times god creation warfare. Can imagine, each one punch, this how much power. Lawless breath, from party head cold come up, the ChengYiZun umbellate magic weapon. This is thirty-three days of his treasure "no day umbrella". In the fist at the moment of creation god launch, all power, Israeli cold as the center, spread all around, a wholly beyond the sea, abolish, swire, hon meng, era, direct to the time of the other side of the breath send out, click the let the xi stem could not move. Xi stem the forehead of the first old emperor, with the beginning of a wind of the fullest the descent, in the party of the cold breath of oppression, incredibly completely unable to move, face a clinking fear god appeared to se.
UGG Men Boots Because he found himself, incredibly can't transfer the power of heaven. This is a terrorist information. "God, master creation boxing celestial...." his mouth, tough spit out a few words to, finally know, god creation of boxing burstling, forehead to surrender power. Because the ancient times, the sky is possessed of a king created. God is his creation of the unique boxing skills, in casting in heaven, the heaven of qi ban to respect the old master. Xi stem fight on means, be party real refrain from cold. Party a cold brush, hair away, body is big, tall, have the qualification of the city, a slight movement and control all the world, a little walk, the world at ease, not reach place. The fist brought, thunder storm, the rain lu solar term, st sunset... . All in one punch in.
This is epoch-making, casting tide and plucked a healthy atmosphere, atmosphere and a boxing dang demon.
This is the Dun hun cut the evolution of universe, derivative beginning, open the door of the men of eternal life one punch. This is the breakthrough in the future, hit a golden avenue, smooth all the blow. One punch under, the future of all the stage, sprouts margin, all break. Enter a new world. Thirty-three days god endowed the boxing, three hundred and thirty times warfare. Dangdang vastly, almost all the xi stem are flooded. Xi stem which is almost not enough room to revolt, trying to run the the beginning by the ", but this ancient the upanishads a functioning, exploded immediately. He lights in the wind, put out all the time.
UGG Foxfur Boots King day cannot be killed for the repair, in nature before god boxing, incredibly appear very weak up. This is the condition of the power, especially in the forehead, the condition of the wei, is unapproachable, the power of life into. Party cold feel, in their creation of instant cast god boxing, forehead is almost is in our hands, to what the law is what the law, to what is what qi qi. At the moment, he seems to be the master of the forehead is. Instant between, xi stem will cost in the punch under. Suddenly! Different changed axon was born! In the party a blow when the play, the sky above the vast, top heaven, there was a stream of vortex, is almost torn the eternal forces, notice here. A rainbow light, pour down, seems to be knife light, seems to be the sword light, the aurora, the rainbow, and redeemed breath, all pervading. Party of a punch in the dawn of the cold, in light of a rainbow, a series of explosions, but did not break through the rainbow light. Rainbow light a roll, xi stem involved. And then, once again, a change, rainbow light toward the party swept over the cold, every glory, all have destroyed xing breath, though this is the light of salvation, but also is the light of destruction. Destruction is redeemed.
"The blade of redemption, the product for the shots"Party a see rainbow across the cold light come over, want to also don't want to, even tread footsteps, cast out the wings of freedom, and steal the word of the day, the world WangFo at the UGG Adirondack Boot II also launched, rapidly between, vanished into thin air.
And that, he knows, is the blade of redemption shots, equivalent to day king level of existence. He immediately ran, now also is not day king opponent. Although he wanted to and day king one war, see each other can't kill me. But now's not the time, he had enough benefits, must want to digest, the body has a large number of artifact? No refining creation pieces. And now the situation be urgent, remove the benefits and then run, is the way to go, heaven can be more than one day ruler. Body strength, at which the maximum burstling! The party is almost instantly through the forehead all the law, came to the sky outside. Unfortunately, the way the light of redemption, through time river, incredibly tracking him out. A rumbling, the light of redemption, rushed out of heaven, just hit the enter a group of barbarians in the army, and many of the barbarians between rapidly is evaporated.
UGG Bailey Button Boots 5803 "Hum! If it is at ordinary times, this a light of redemption, affirmation is to make track for me there is no way to god, into without men. But now, the word in siege celestial light in killing me at the same time, will destroy the barbarians, sure to be army all aspects of the superior to intercept! First I escape from the muddy, digest the income say again. A kind of celestial WeiGongZhan, will continue for a long time, enough I digestive casting invincible body." Party cold accelerating again, small fate was running, into a does not exist in the world of shadows. Sure enough, the deep space and time, the huge day king virtual shadow appear, is one of the barbarians day gentleman, see the blade of redemption in the light of rampant army, a palm press down. Huge palm, fully cover the sky, the time and space enrichment, instantly closed the universe. This big hands even party was caught cold together in one of them.


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