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Messaggio  kun21 Sab Nov 19, 2011 4:03 pm

Before the wind yi stared, Billy was smart to voluntarily disappear, because his home and the master and willow discussed human life ah girl avenue or something, I do it as long as good in the distance for the master will be let in fresh air.
Mistakes like the sounds of the harp wave, liu cloud forest wered sit, look calm, fingers as elves in like dancing between strings. And the wind yi is leaning on nearby, hand is a roll with thick mo xiang is searching stealthily the old prose, if can make tea again before on a cup of green tea, and also really a little like those who move to the world of bard, and two people this shape, absolutely like a pair of only envy not envyimmortal fairy raised as soon as possible. "The heart of water stop if, party show its environment." The wind to chew this words yi, suddenly some understand why want to see in orange smoke the roll of the ancient prose, she shouted every day should be for this basic develops it.
The harp, more than just around the lingering sound ears. Liu smoke sit to wind yi side, whispered: "this is great wisdom of ancient books, Mr. Wells is home division precious collection." "Oh, no wonder so abstruse." The wind yi said with a smile. Liu smoke at the wind yi, the handsome devil in her head appeared more and more time, she always think of him smile. Strange, a rude man is famous for its brutal the inferno spoken word had always made her think about half a day, so much so that in her heart, the Lord even change a human appearance.
Is this the heart want to subjugate of omen, just and not so as to liu, total feel that is almost smoke what will make her the real and stand, phoenix nirvana.
"Do you think what is the realm. Develops" Liu cloud suddenly asked. "I don't think what is, at most state develops is an accomplishment is a state of mind, to OFFICIAL UGG Boots ascend to the state, might be a little Chuan wood for a fish." The wind yi then sprinkle but got up and left, but liu smoke a profound of figure. B sometimes with a painful thing, especially against liu a thick cloud of time, this woman seems to be the story of his hearing, this time should change the indifference before, a day to night with him to discuss what state, made his first big, but sometimes a faint smile but let he jing is colourful along while, gallop sways, this woman, this will grow fairy are jealous, laugh to that moment of bright and beautiful is better than the sun is shining, common people still really accept to can not stand, to get behind the yi see she hide, don't by that time not this woman to fall in love with him, but rather to take their in.
UGG Boots 2011 A month later, the wind outside the town yi in wild view seventy soldiers of the inferno training results. Have to say, this seventy inferno soldiers rather quickly progress, solo combat not on the same day that different, each one will trap the ambush FangLengJian, to have a look. Just the wind yi is not really happy, because their combat ability with standing still. This let he can't help remembering the famous battle of cold period BingZhen, jiugong array, * * array and three to the perfect cooperation of array. "Stop, all gathered." The wind yi loudly drink. Seventy soldiers and training of their inferno, Charlie, moiidea and mean shameless brothers immediately gathers around to come over. "You strength, this is worth a good ascension praise, but with operational capability is so bad that I now teach you three BingZhen, you even spelled a life also get to my practice, practice the young master take you to turn bone city free and unfettered, bad practice all squat gong pit." The wind yi cold track, at this time his body to see some style and royal majesty.
Cheap ugg boots"Know, the wind less." Seventy inferno soldiers should way out loud, each is exciting sense. Turn bone in southwest city town two hundred miles, is this a piece of the only in the inferno of a great city, also can saying is a fortress, there is prosperity, the most important is turn bone is in the city an extremely famous romantic place, for the rich recreation place inferno, not only have inferno beauty, the rest of the race such as human beauty, elves beauty also never rare, even taste very heavy orcs beauty, so long as has the gold, you can do as they wish. Just inferno troops management is very strict, can in time of war soldiers they indulge inferno , but at ordinary times will never allow them into this place, once found is cruel military served, it also creates whenever a war, inferno soldiers a such as played chicken general fight against not dead. No wonder the east hand and seventy soldiers heard can go to a inferno turn bone city free and unfettered and so excited.
A hear the wind yi to teach BingZhen, Charlie several people looked at him was enraged over, want to know now a few simple BingZhen inferno, also from the human to learn there come of, difficult don't wind yi will still more powerful? BingZhen, is human art of war to learn a door very advanced knowledge. A mature BingZhen all the produce to after countless war experiment and a few generations of efforts of can form. BingBu empire and platinum gleit is creating the life in the great power of hardware to be sent to kill array in the history of the art of the great house. The wind yi began to explain the three surprised name array, three just array, array and jiugong array, this also is no easy work, every BingZhen are protean, to let the brain relatively simple inferno troops it's not easy to understand.
UGG 5815 Classic Tall BootsAs the wind yi explain deeply, Charlie several people one by one all become solemn look up, looked out his eyes also quietly some change, they are all the wise, can imagine this battle with several if once skilled, the power will be quite scary. If the inferno troops learned the millions of three BingZhen...... Charlie several people at each other one eye, all shuddering. The wind yi naturally see Charlie several people's facial expression, also had not, don't say he is not possible will the three BingZhen mass to soldiers inferno, even if one day he can unify inferno, also not going to let the inferno with these soldiers under three beautiful BingZhen to looted and burned, will the whole continent into the wind god troubled times. Enemy without combat soldiers, is the kingly way, in the principle of peaceful coexistence get maximum benefit is a challenge.
At this time, the sky suddenly spread a clear sounding, a great darkness the hawk is the wings toward the side pounced down. Mean shameless two elves brothers immediately arrow bow, moiidea and Charlie also prepare for combat, and only one of the inferno soldiers stood still.


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