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Text of ancient road in chapter 8 sky

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Text of ancient road in chapter 8 sky  Empty Text of ancient road in chapter 8 sky

Messaggio  kun21 Mer Mag 18, 2011 9:17 am

They fall in altar 5color, Office key a heap of the jade pieces and SLATE carved into a book with a big hit, hua sound, offering stage in chaos. Ancient bronze in the giant coffin beside it, have above Chen, but still a grunge aeruginosa can hide that fuzzy bronze plenties is carved figure, like the ancient gods, and unexpectedly with eye staining.Apart, even so close to hand will reach, let all born afraid heart back in Italy, at air. This years after endless altars for ancient ancestors colors had built for worship, using, isn't that the old imperial really can summon to what become? It was at this moment, the people suddenly felt a share with ancient breath desolate in circulation, let a person mood is surging. At this moment, with the dragon corpse and nine in the copper coffin is ahead, don't really Chen pick -- which is five-colour altar to become? According to legend, early in the QinHuang before the west-han ancient king had five sovereigns 72 memorial rituals in this held FengChan gift, and they are connecting the guide to what? Five-color guanghua twinkle, 5color altar on display and SLATE suddenly become jade piece glittering and translucent and connect fully up, the ancient word above all the seals, entire super bright light altars circulation out a strands of downy light. "Crack crack"
The fracturing of sound spreads, Ms office key the piles of jade piece, then cracked and SLATE suddenly out of a glory, top signet given life of ancient words like all general, rushed out, emerged in vanity. "Chi Chi Chi" More ancient word gleaming emerge in midair, and then those jade pieces and SLATE unexpectedly in a breeze of smoke, all signet and SLATE in jade piece of the ancient word on all out of bondage. In a bronze ancient coffins above, in a giant crater, fully several historic words around in twinkle, like molten iron casting and become entirely by, with metallic burnish and texture. "Crack crack" Shattering of the coming again of those small, WuSeTu altar near one ancient word also blazing out in midair, emerge. Bronze around like a giant coffin in each stars flickered in the redness of guanghua school at sunset, especially appears mysterious. YuHuangDing on other people, not long ago when haywire in flight, but now see mountain go to YeFan etc, fall into giant pit and see such a picture of a prodigious spectacle, all fear, rushed to the mountain competitively. Instead, the pain call someone fall, for help sound continuously ring. And meanwhile, the midair that the glaring economicsystem guanghua school of ancient words together, but gradually formed a huge gossip, a stream of mysterious force vibration and out.
This is a picture of a shocking picture, 2010 Microsoft office product key those ancient words and symbols have a magical power, condense together after manifest as huge BaGuaTu, shrouded in bronze ancient coffins and nine dead, with dragon above the sink with metal coagulants and simple sense, like a hundred gold jing casting.
"I want to get out of here!" cheap office Giant pit KuQiang under someone send out. "Our bodies immobility..." All people mind, but cannot change fear what. "It is......" At this moment, the central and BaGuaTu midair emerge with a taiji diagram, two yinyang-fish embrace and r.
Even in this day and age, ancient technology which aggregates macro BaGuaTu tai chi's deep righteousness has still not been cracked. Someone once basis with gossip hexagrams stars by a corresponding relation, calculate astronomical parameters calculated, proof of the star's orbital speed. And the founder of modern computer binary, also in view BaGuaTu grind tai chi, it is writed by 443479661 on 5.18 after every successful inspired. Old tai chi to BaGuaTu incorrectly speaking is still an intriguing mystery, what exactly is how to create, and what role, create it does is to what end? So far only legends and not the exact conjecture, and no conclusive evidence. At this moment, YeFan etc BaGuaTu insight to tai chi unknown a major role, it unexpectedly and space-time relevant. In the huge tai chi mt BaGuaTu around, space warps, light, and dry and the gloom kun, all, confirmed, gen, and earthquake, from, candy corresponding gossip symbols successively shine, like a group of mysterious and ancient password shone. The two yinyang-fish like taiji diagram singular doors, two leaves unceasingly, slowly open a gap quiver, like a link to distant and unknown sky.
Guanghua constantly twinkle, gossip of eight kinds of symbols according to condemn, finally hears the order of heavy and complicated to change jobs multiple times, finally after all lights up, while out dazzing ray. "Bang" 1 depressing vibrate, tai chi BaGuaTu central two yinyang-fish slowly open, in this process inside and sometimes star glow, even saw a starry sky ancient road. Eventually, yinyang-fish really like portal general completely open, revealing a mysterious and a huge channel, also don't know where the stout, even inside one. Meanwhile, the top of mt.tai, nine large dragon corpse unexpectedly to shake up, and this time it also sends out a "mouth copper coffin KuangDang" a loud noise, violent shake again. Sitting next to YeFan etc, copper coffins, many people were surprised Shouting up, the more there are many female classmate issued a crying. "How to do?" "Help..." In this situation, all people feel very helpless, many female classmate cried.At the same time, some of the strong-willed, watching great uncertainty enraged over the bronze ancient coffins, the cover was in shaking in position, deviated from the coffin seam, a show a big stock tricky breath diffuses down. "KuangDang" Copper coffin shock, the cover nearly again earthquake drop down, a dark to all the intangible force to drag. In the next moment, all people feel very dizzy and then eyes a black, all into a copper coffins. "Ah..." "Help!"
Some people near collapse, Microsoft office 2007 product key the horrible crying. "Bang" Nine have lopped on the cliffs PangDaLong corpse in vibration, meanwhile, bronze of the cover of ancient coffin out a loud noise, and then thoroughly reset closed. Then, nine such as mountains of dragon corpse soared into the sky, although still didn't show any angry, but it took the bronze giant coffins slowly BaGuaTu constructed out of tai chi forfeiture of dark and mysterious in the channel. "Bang" Entire Tarzan are a violent rocking, as if heaven is coming down general, have a strong YuHuangDing through the five-color persuasively sky world. Then, in a variety of color at the moment of sunset disappear, the top of mt.tai also in instant dim down, and the sky that huge tai chi BaGuaTu completely closed, slowly disappears.


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